Refund Policy

Last Updated on July 1st 2020

I’m so passionate about helping as many women and men work online as possible that when you hit that JOIN NOW button I want it to be a resounding YAS!!

So here’s the deal. I want you to take 14 days to check out this whole VA thing by:

   ● Getting into the program and completing the videos and homework from the first 2 modules (Start Here & Setting Up)

   ● Posting your homework from these modules to the Facebook community

   ● Joining at least 1 of the weekly calls (check Events tab in the Facebook Group for upcoming calls)

   ● Scrolling the Facebook Group and check out the daily job postings

How to Apply for a Refund

If after 14 days you still don’t feel like the skills in this program are useful to help you land the online job of your dreams or you find yourself wanting to stick to the commuting and cubicle routine, then simply email our customer support for a full refund at

To qualify for the refund, you must include the following in your email to show that you really gave it try

   ● Your homework assignments for the first 2 modules - you can simply attach them to the email or send screenshots of you sharing them in the Facebook Group

   ● Confirmation of which weekly call you attended so we can verify (or you can submit a screenshot of you on the call)

   ● If timing prevents you from attending a call within the 14 day period, you can watch a recorded call posted in the Units tab and submit 3 takeaways from the call

If this refund policy seems a little “too good to be true” it’s because I am THAT confident the 2,000 students I’ve helped launch their online careers weren’t special. They were just regular ol’ moms, military spouses, dads, former corporate commuters, travel lovers, caregivers, and college dropouts that knew they were made for more and used 90 Day VA to make it happen. If they could do it, and this little mom + military spouse on food stamps could do it, then I am confident you will too.

If refund guidelines are not met as outlined above then a refund will not be granted within the 14 days or afterwards unless otherwise provided by the law.

Payment Plans

After the 14 day refund period expires, we can no longer accept refund requests. This includes requests to cancel payment plans. Payment plans cannot be canceled after the 14 day refund period, so you will be responsible for all future payments. The payment plan is simply a more affordable way to make the full program payment and is not a monthly subscription that can be canceled. If you need help adjusting your payment plan or need to update your card on file, please email 

Instant Access Programs

As stated on the page when you purchase, due to the instant access to all templates and materials of the Remote Resume Blueprint, Work From Anywhere Virtual Summit, and Virtual Brand Studio programs; there are no refunds for these items. 

Facebook Group Subscriptions

If you are paying monthly for membership to the Facebook Group and are ready to end your monthly payments, please email prior to your next monthly payment. We cannot offer a partial refund for any unused days or a refund for months already paid.

Esther M Inman

Founder of Virtual Assistant Internship

For support or questions, please email us at

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