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Get Access to a Portfolio Mentor for 6 Months!

Get 6 months’ access to unlimited portfolio reviews by a seasoned online-work mentor

So you can be 100% sure that your portfolio work will blow potential clients away!



Get 6 months' of personalized 1:1 email support and answers to your questions

So you can get professional feedback as you go through this program from someone who's been there and KNOWS what it takes to succeed!

Get monthly personal email check-in's from your Mentor

So you can get accountability for going through the homework assignments and getting 1:1 email support for any questions or homework feedback along the way!

Ready to let our mentors help you build a portfolio you can be proud of?

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I really appreciate all of the feedback and encouragement Niki has given me! Whenever I had questions about working online, she always came back with insightful information and encouragement! I highly recommend adding the portfolio mentorship. Niki gave tailored, detailed feedback on my homework, which helped me identify the blind spots that I couldn't see myself.


Niki gave me the confidence that I needed to send out my portfolio to potential clients! With her feedback, I knew my work was competitive, to say the least. If you are serious about starting your own VA business, I would immediately buy the portfolio mentorship- it is totally worth it!


The portfolio Mentorship helped! Niki was very supportive and definitely made my portfolio a lot more attractive. I would tell someone thinking about purchasing the mentorship to do it. You won’t regret it!


Working with Niki played a huge roll! It allowed an experienced pair of eyes to look at my pieces, and give me great feedback to become more viewable.


My experience with Niki, my portfolio mentor, was very positive and helpful! I would absolutely recommend purchasing the mentorship.


Niki has given me such good advice and really broadened my view of what creating posts really includes. I would never be as good for my future clients without her insight!


Niki was awesome! Thanks to her, I could quickly elevate my skills, so I was well suited to get clients and jobs faster. I have had compliments on my work and feel that the Portfolio Membership was instrumental and allowed me to really blossom. I definitely recommend it, as you will get valuable and constructive feedback!


The amount you pay for the mentorship is nothing compared to how much it is actually worth! You get 1:1 attention from the mentors, they thoroughly explain everything, and most importantly, they are always there to support you! I felt like Georgia and Niki were my biggest supporters and never let me down! They helped me with my mindset and motivated me to do more than you would expect a mentor to do.


I feel like Niki has definitely given me an extra boost of confidence in my work! Having her look at my portfolio pieces and give me applicable feedback has been essential to keeping my spirits high. Niki was there to help out and cheer me on after everything I turned in. If you're thinking of purchasing the portfolio mentorship, DO IT!


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