Join the work from anywhere movement
... without selling anything!
You CAN work from home or a café in Paris without having to resort to selling another company’s products to your friends.

In a world full of ‘work from home’ scams, I know you are raising your eyebrows a little right now. BUT the work from anywhere movement and being paid by the hour, by project or a full salary is real, and it’s happening with or without you. 

Gone are the days where we had to choose to stay home with our kids or have a career.
Welcome to a new age: an age where we can do both.
Enrollment Closes In...
Maybe you're a
mom like Melissa...
"I am a mom of 4 and love having the ability to work from home while the kids are playing or asleep. I love being a Virtual Assistant because I love that I can work from anywhere with the schedule I choose. Having this ability is great for a busy mom like me. Virtual assistance gives me the ability to take a day off when someone is ill or if we want to take a vacation."
Headshot Melissa
- Melissa M
A trained in-office
worker like Marium...
"My work is as an Executive
Assistant but to do this job virtually felt scary to me. Would I be able to do it? What Esther and the Virtual Assistant Internship team have here is something no one else is offering... which is a complete roadmap and getting you matched with your first client. This is a community I am proud to be a part of."
Headshot Marium
- Marium K
Or like Justyn and
want to travel the world!
"6 months ago, I had maxed out both my credit cards, I was broke and trapped in a foreign country. I desperately didn't want to give up but I didn't know what else to do. Along came Esther, and she taught me everything I know now. Before I knew it, I was working for 5 new clients. No matter what skills you have or where you live, YOU CAN DO THIS."
Headshot Justyn
- Justyn G
Personally, I was a mix of all three PLUS a military wife.
My husband was active duty U.S. Marine Corps, and when we got married and had our son, Ben, I found that it was impossible to use my teaching degree and software product management experience when his career was dictating so much of our lives.

Deployment notifications came a week before he’d be gone for a month or two. The worst was when we had 30 days to prepare for a TEN MONTH deployment where we wouldn’t hear from him for weeks on end.

Not to mention having to move every few years.

Even when he was ‘home’, he was working 12 hours every night and sleeping all day.
Family Photo
Trying to manage my career while parenting alone was impossible.
It wasn’t until I broke down crying in my hotel room when my son didn’t care to Skype with me anymore because I was gone so much, that I realized I’d had enough.
i called and quit my job the next day and was
determined to make this work from home dream a reality. 
Being a virtual assistant is what saved me when years later, my husband had to get out of the Marines due to a
complete mental health breakdown. After so many years of head trauma and improper medications, I watched
him fall apart before my eyes as his dream Marine career slowly went down the drain. My son and I had to flee
one night during a manic episode. 
Mom and Son in Bali
But instead of giving up and giving in to life's misfortunes,
I decided it was high time we have our own adventure.
→    Just me and my son.    ←
We spent a few months testing out the work from anywhere life in
Maine, and then it was time for the big adventure

My husband was still falling apart but it wasn’t safe for us to live with
him anymore, and we needed somewhere to heal after the hell of
dealing with my husband’s mental health issues.
So we moved to Bali, Indonesia. Island of the gods.
Because every woman deserves to design
a life on her own terms.
So now I ask you, why not you, too?
There is nothing special about me. 

I do not travel full time because I’m living off of some kind of inheritance. I don’t get to work online because I am using my degree or have decades of experience. 

I am just a normal military wife and mom that wanted more from life than what I was told was normal. 

I couldn’t believe nobody knew this opportunity existed. Even if they had in-office experience, they couldn’t transition into the virtual work world due to a lack of skills that I could easily teach them.
I discovered the virtual assistant niche and was asked
about how to do it so many times, I had to start sharing
  •  Being cool as a cucumber when your kids wake up puking because you don’t have to try to find childcare or lose your job for missing work for the millionth time
  •  Never having to quit your job every time you have to move
  •  Being able to finally buy that amazing flash sale flight package and dropping everything to go on an epic adventure whenever you want
  •  Working as much or as little as you want from wherever you want
  •  Being 100% in charge of your income — need extra money? Work more! Want to make more money? Give yourself a raise!
  •  Keeping all of the money wasted on hours and hours of daycare for your children or commuting to work
  •  Having a career and work you LOVE to do every single day
All of this IS possible without having to get caught in scams, filling out surveys or selling things to your friends. 

Your virtual assistant work from anywhere solution in 90 days or less
Logo 90 Day VA
You’ll learn the top skills being hired for virtually, RIGHT NOW
(so you can get working right away) & how to find legit virtual jobs and land them every single time.
Hear from some of our past students!
You’ll also walk away with a solid portfolio that’ll WOW potential clients, internship opportunities to practice your new skills in a safe environment & graduate-only job opportunities from my personal network!
90 Day VA includes...
 Module 1 & 2: How to Work Online For Others Effectively Right Away
We get started on the right foot by diving into what a Virtual Assistant is, what exactly you need to do to get started ASAP, and how to get your calendar + email organized so you know how to do this for clients, too!

 Module 3 - 5: 
Content Marketing 
& Re-Purposing
The top requested skill we get asked for is blogging & social media management! These modules teach you how to create strategies, content packages, use scheduling tools, and comes with portfolio-building activities each step of the way.
 Module 6: 
Lite Email Marketing
In these lessons, we go through the top strategies that clients are using with email marketing today and how to practice them as you build your portfolio! You will learn how to send client newsletters, create email campaigns and write email copy that clients will love.
 Module 7: 
Lite Web Management
This module includes lessons that will show you how to help clients with light Wordpress management for their websites or blogs! Includes a coding challenge for those that want to dabble in more web development too!

 Module 8:
Project Management 
I show you how to organize multiple clients + projects so you can stay on top of everything AND the top CRM tool training we are always asked for VAs to help clients manage called "Infusionsoft"

 Module 9: 
PR Management for VAs
We partnered with a professional PR (Public Relations) agency owner that needs trained VAs, and we had a lot of hiring requests coming in for VAs trained in how to get their clients into magazines, online articles, podcasts and more!

Featured in....
At the end of 12 weeks of just doing a little bit every week (or faster if you want to start working online ASAP), you will be working virtually for clients around the world, on your own time. 
It's time to design your own life.
I put everything you need into one program so you can make real money online, being paid by the hour or project, in just 90 days.

So what are you waiting for? Why not you, too?
Enrollment Closes In...
Now, I know what you might be thinking…
There are so many work from home scams,
what makes this any different?
For starters, I am a real actual person. A sassy SoCal girl living in Bali with her sweet son (and complicated marriage) while running my now large, six-figure businesses like it’s NBD. But everything in this program is also the exact things I did when I got started in the virtual assistant world and what my business friends and self constantly need to hire for.

There is SO MUCH VIRTUAL WORK using the skills we teach. Plus, nobody else is teaching it. 

Not to mention the TONS of women that completed our program and are now running successful virtual careers around the world, too.
"But... I don’t know how to do any of these things, and I don’t have any experience
or a degree​."
That’s the BEST part of this program. We teach you everything you need to know, no degree required. Then we help you build a solid portfolio with work samples and provide internship opportunities to practice and gain experience as you go. Most of our students are already working before the 90 days are through. 
Logo 90 Day VA
Logo 90 Day VA
"I am SO BUSY. I just don’t think I can add in a program like this into my already crazy schedule."
Yeah I know, I get it. Remember, I am a mom, too. The great thing about our program is that it’s self-paced so you can just do 2 hours a week if you want and still be done in the 90 days.

We also have specific learning tracks as options for those that are busy and want something more streamlined so they can start working right away. Plus, we hold you accountable to complete everything with monthly group calls and a community that is there to fully support you.
Working from home saves you SO MUCH money on gas, daycare, professional clothes or eating out because you are just so exhausted.
Not to mention the emotional and physical stress your body is enduring from being so stretched all the time.
So you can continue filling in surveys for pennies or selling candles + wraps to your friends... or you can spend that same amount of time launching your virtual work lifestyle.

College degrees or certificate programs don’t teach what we do. Even their marketing programs are
outdated because technology moves faster than their curriculum can keep up with. Then you leave school with a mountain of debt and zero job experience.

Instead of working for years and paying $24,000+ in school fees just to finish with a piece of paper and no job experience...
You can join the work from anywhere movement
So for $24,000, $3,000, $997
→  $197  ←
You can literally start TODAY.
For just $197, you can start your 90 day (or less) journey to learn everything you need to know to start working online the legit way. Plus, don't forget that we will also be supporting you in building your portfolio and experience along the way!

Then just 2 more monthly payments of $197 and voila! No student loans to pay off for life.

No asking anyone to borrow money or a ‘certificate’ that’s as good as wallpaper.
"Virtual Assistant Internship literally changed my life."
Not just in the cheesy, cliché way people always say it, but in a painfully honest way...
"I managed to go from working for abusive and manipulative bosses to living in Bali and traveling full-time while supporting both myself and my partner. I gained invaluable skills, made lifelong friends, and learned so much about who I am.

My story isn’t special, and I am not lucky; I just put in the elbow grease necessary because I knew I wanted to look back and be proud of myself 5 years from now.

One year down the road, and I am already astonished by how far I’ve come. I owe it entirely to Esther and her VAI family."

- Morgan R.
After completing our program, Morgan moved to Bali and started a successful graphic design agency of her own.
And because I love you all a lot, and I want to give all my program students more than just the basics...
For my live class boss babes, I have some EXCLUSIVE bonuses I am going
to throw in that are worth even MORE than the program alone!
(because everyone loves goodies!)
 VA Starter Pack (value $497)
4 Video classes to find and land every virtual job you ever wanted! Contract template, client onboarding template, how to get paid the best way possible online, and our proprietary application kit template. 

PLUS deep dive into taxes and health insurance for all kinds of nationalities!

 6 Months' Private Community & Job Board Access (value $150)
Get access to long-time program members hiring other members, 10-20 exclusive job postings every single week, feedback on your portfolio items + monthly group calls and questions & encouragement + support from other women that get you. 

 We are like a family and are always helping and supporting each other. 
If you just want to fill out surveys or post on Facebook that you have a candle for sale then this program isn’t for you.  

This is only for those that are my GO-GETTERS. Because you are willing to JUMP IN and run with us. 

To recap: That is over $647 in bonuses ON TOP of the complete 90 Day VA program!
For only $197 today, you can launch your work from anywhere career, for real this time.
→  $197  ←
Or save $97 and pay in full at just $497.
Okay, so here’s everything you get for acting within the 4 days…
 90 DAY VA
  •  Module 1 & 2: How To Work Online For Others Effectively Right Away
  •  Module 3 - 5: Become a Content-Repurposing & Content Marketing Virtual Assistant
  •  Module 6: Lite Email Marketing
  •  Module 7: Web Management for VAs
  •  Module 8: Avoid Overwhelm & Manage Client Projects + CRM Like a Boss
  •  Module 9: PR Management for VAs
 BONUS 1 (value $497)
  •  3 Video Classes How to find virtual clients and land them every time!
  • Contract Class + Template 
  • Taxes & Health Insurance Class 
  •  Remote Resume & Application Kit Class
  •     Application Kit Template
  •  Client Onboarding Package Template
 BONUS 2 (value $150)
  •  Exclusive Community & Job Board Access 
  •  6 Months Access into Facebook Group
  • Monthly Group Calls
  • Portfolio Reviews + Direct Mentor Support
  •  10-20 Legit Online Jobs EXCLUSIVE to Members

Click Enroll Now to join the work from anywhere revolution and design a life on your own terms as a virtual assistant in 90 days or less with ​90 Day VA!
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      Featured in....
      I would be honored to walk this journey with you.
      It’s my life’s mission to help as many women as possible design a life they love. 

      Remember, I am not special. So why not you, too? 
      talk more soon,
      xoxo Esther

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