Hire a Virtual Worker!
Need help with your business? We have a community of over 200 trained and ready Virtual Workers of all skill levels and in locations around the world at your disposal!

"Thank you so much for connecting me with Annie. She has been absolutely instrumental in my business - it's a great match."

- Daniela Woerner, President Addo Aesthetics
↠ Where are your workers from? 
75% are American military wives, Moms and travel lovers living around the world so we can cater to many time zones. We also have a handful of quality Canadian, UK, AUS, European and Asian virtual workers for various needs.
↠ What kind of work can they do?
Our program graduates are trained in: 
Re-purposing audio/video/copy into blogs and social media content
Short blog writing
Social media content packages, scheduling, community management and engagement
Project management
eMail management & eMail newsletter writing + list management
Basic Infusionsoft & WordPress 
PR pitching & follow ups
And any other general virtual admin tasks you may have!

Many have gone above and beyond our basics class so we are able to also offer professional virtual workers in advanced:
Graphic design
Brand management
Web design
Sales funnel building & management 
Online course creation
Podcast and voice over editing + management
Long form blogs, sales copy
Advanced operations and project management

“Esther was so generous to allow me to hire one of her graduates. I hired Natalie and she is still doing work for me a year later. It is such a great opportunity. It has been so easy to work with and hire 90 Day VA graduates, especially because I know they are being trained with a specific curriculum designed to service business owners. The hiring and training process was quick, easy and painless!
My VA is wonderful, delivers high-quality work and has gotten to know me and my business quickly. I would strongly recommend hiring a 90 Day VA graduate."

- Angelica Rozewicz, Owner & CEO at AngelicaRozewicz.com
↠ What are the pay scales? 
Low end: $10-$15/hr USD depending on the job (e.g. data entry, social media engagement, light social media management)

Mid level: $20-$35/hr USD for more skilled and experienced virtual workers (e.g. brand management, graphic design, project management, podcast management)

High end: $40+ USD for our highest level of worker (e.g. speaker management, operations management, accounting, higher end sales copy writing, sales funnel building, etc)

“I’ve hired quite a few VAs from the 90 Day VA program for my business, and I have been really happy with the work produced! They are great at following directions and generating high quality content for my blog.
I know that Esther’s program is top-notch, and that those that go through her program will always be great additions to my team or for one-off projects. I would definitely recommend it to all business owners!"

- Stephanie Keeping, Owner & CEO at Spaceships and Laser Beams
↠ How this works...
First you select which type of VA finding service you would like below, then it'll take you to a job form to add in the job description, pay scale, etc. 

If you choose to post to the group for free then we get the job up for you within 48 hours and you can expect a variety of resumes and submissions within 2-4+ days (could be 5 , could be 20...depends on the job!)

If you choose for us to post and vet candidates on your behalf then you can expect 2-3 candidates names, resumes, why we think they are a good fit and their contact details within 2 weeks or less so you can interview and follow up directly

If you choose our onboarding package to interview on your behalf then it starts with a consulting call with Esther to create the job description, pay scale and how they'll work with you and your team. Then you'll do a joint interview with a candidate within 2 weeks and if they aren't a fit we offer 2 more and guarantee the virtual worker you decide on for minimum 6 months! This is perfect for those that know they need help scaling but have no idea how or have struggled with virtual workers in the past.

Now let's get you some help!

"Hiring through Virtual Assistant Internship was quick and simple! I received 3 high-quality candidates and would have been happy hiring any one of them. It completely simplified the hiring process for me as a business owner!
The VA that I hired through 90 Day VA is amazing. She is organized and keeps ME organized! As a new business owner, I've learned so much just from interacting with her and seeing how she handles her work. I can only recommend hiring a 90 Day VA graduate."

- Jenny Chan, Owner & CEO at Women in Web Dev
How would you like us to find you a virtual worker?
Post to the Group - Free!
Refer 2 - 3 Good Candidates - $200
Interview on my behalf and place me with the best candidate, then help me learn how to work with the VA and help us setup our systems - $500

“I have been so impressed with my hire from the 90 Day VA program. She has tremendous skills and has become an integral part of my business." 

- Katie Wight, Owner & CEO at KatieWight.com