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We have a community of over 2,000 trained and ready Virtual Workers of all skill levels and in locations around the world ready to help make YOUR life easier.

About Our Workforce

50% are American military wives, moms and travel lovers

living around the world so we can cater to many time zones. 

We also have many quality Canadian, UK, AUS,

European and Asian virtual workers for various needs.

“I have been so impressed with my hire from the 90 Day VA program. 

She has tremendous skills and has become an integral part of my business."


Social Media Agency Owner

Skills Our Workforce Offers


  • Re-purposing audio/video/copy into blogs and social media content

  • SEO blog writing, posting and pinning

  • ​Social media content packages + scheduling

  • Social media / program community management

  • Email writing + scheduling

  • ​Podcast editing and management

  • ​Light video editing and Youtube management

  • ​PR pitching & follow ups

  • ​And any other general virtual admin tasks you may have!


  • Online program community management

  • Customer service email and chat replies

  • Social selling


  • Funnel template duplicating and editing

  • Setting up automations

  • Hooking up products, emails and processes to funnels

  • Calendar booking and automations

  • Membership site setup

  • Social media scheduling

  • Admin and maintenance


  • Scheduling, Phone Calls & Appointments

  • Online ordering, groceries

  • Childcare coordination (summer camp, after school, etc)

  • Home maintenance coordination

  • Research

  • Travel booking, reservations, itineraries

  • Family logistics coordination

Many have gone above and beyond our programs so we are also able to offer professional virtual workers in advanced:

  • Graphic design

  • Brand management

  • Web design

  • ​Sales funnel building & management 

  • ​Online course creation

  • Sales copy

  • ​Advanced operations and project management

"I COULD KISS YOU FOR FINDING MY VA. BEST MONEY I EVER SPENT. She's legitimately the best hire VA I've ever had. Better than fab. Seriously."


Agency Owner

The Social Crown

"Thank you so much for connecting me with Annie. She has been absolutely instrumental in my business - it's a great match."


Spa & Podcast Owner

Addo Aesthetics

The applications I am getting in are SO GOOD I don't even know how I will pick one!!!


Business Strategist

The Nimble Co

Pay Scales & Experience Levels

Entry Level

$15 - $20/hr USD

A recent graduate or someone with former experience but not necessarily in a virtual setting.

Types of jobs include: data entry, calendar/email management, social media engagement, light social media management, blog post formatting and uploading, community management, customer service or support

Some Experience

$20 - $35/hr USD

Those with more virtual experience from a few clients or projects and for more higher end skills.

Types of jobs include: brand management, graphic design, project management, podcast/video management

Higher End Tasks

$40/hr+ USD

Our highest level of worker usually with 1-2 years specific experience in their area of expertise and proven themselves with many clients.

Types of jobs include: speaker management, operations, accounting, higher-end sales copy writing, sales funnel building.

Keep in mind that unlike a traditional job you may be familiar with, online workers are paid based on their SKILL level, types of services provided or value they bring to a team.

NOT on how many years they've done a certain task.

“I received 3 high-quality candidates and

would have been happy hiring any one of them. 

The VA that I hired is amazing. She is organized and keeps ME organized! I can only recommend hiring a 90 Day VA graduate." 


Membership Community Owner

Women in Web Dev

My VA, Laura, not only helped me get a handle on my personal organization, she also helped me launch my online business quickly and efficiently. Tasks that would've taken me hours took her no time at all. There's no way I could balance my small business, my fulltime job and my family and keep the lifestyle I love without her.


Podcast Creator & Author

The Humans Outside

Business Owners LOVE Our Virtual Assistants!

"It has been so easy to work with and hire 90 Day VA graduates, especially because I know they are being trained with a specific curriculum designed to service business owners. The hiring and training process was quick, easy and painless!


My VA is wonderful, delivers high-quality work and has gotten to know me and my business quickly. I would strongly recommend hiring a 90 Day VA graduate."


Digital Marketer

“I’ve hired quite a few VAs from the 90 Day VA program and I know that Esther’s program is top-notch, so those that go through her program will always be great additions to my team or for one-off projects. I would definitely recommend it!”


Blog Owner

Spaceships & Laser Beams

"I can't say enough great things about the VAs I've worked with from 90 Day VA. They are professional, well trained and ready to rock-n-roll. If you're looking for an amazing addition to your team, or just need some extra help, I highly recommend a 90 Day VA graduate."

- Dawn Sinkule

CEO of Digital Dawn 

"I would absolutely recommend a 90 Day VA graduate to any business owner.

I've been working with my VA, a 90 Day VA graduate, for under a month and she has already helped me out with SO much.


The fact that she has a list of services and skills that she brings to me and is confident in providing the services that I need help with... has made me realize that I need more help than I originally thought. I think this is the problem that a lot of small business owners and content creators have -- we don't know where we need help and we are afraid to delegate because we want to do everything ourselves.

But having a VA has been so helpful because it saves you so much time. And when you have extra time, you're able to work on things that will actually grow your business. You are then able to grow your business in partnership with your VA." 

- Andrea

Travel Influencer & Content Creator at It's a Travel O.D.

"Working with Virtual Assistant Internship to hire a 90 Day VA graduate has been an amazing experience. I put together a job posting and received qualified candidates within just a few days. It made the hiring process quick, easy and painless!


My VA is well trained, proactive and has gotten to know me and my business quickly. I would highly recommend working with Virtual Assistant Internship to hire a Virtual Assistant!"

- Brittany Bayley

CEO of

"I was a little nervous about hiring a VA, but I am SO GLAD I DID! 

Jasmine is absolutely perfect for my business. She is smart, has amazing customer service skills and keeps me organized and sane. Hiring her was one of the best decisions I have ever made for my business! I highly recommend hiring a 90 Day VA Graduate!"

- Erin Blackwell

Founder & CEO of the Erin Blackwell Studio

Pauline Headshot

"I'm super impressed with the gals who responded to my post! Wow! I hired two of them and have eyes on a third once we get things rolling."

- Pauline Pennell Kehoe

Online Program Creator

Five Element Alchemist

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